Monday, 19 March 2012

Blast from the Past

A couple of years ago I bought one of those turn your negatives into digital copies, they didn't turn out fantastic so I never really looked at what Gary converted.  Today I was looking for something else and I got a blast from the past.  Gary and I on our honeymoon in Aurba.  We had spent 6 days in the Amazon and ended it with a week on the island.  We met a lovely couple from Holland in the Bush and we all met up in Aruba for a couple of days

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Downing Street

On May 20th 2009 we delivered a petition to No 10 for NCARD, with over 22,000 signatures to hand over and nothing really came of it.
I was given the honour of handing the box over
That red box weighed a ton and I'm not joking.
Chris Knighton
Chris fell in love with the gloss and high polish of the front door.
John Edwards & I

Exciting times, we had a drink at the House of Commons and caught the train home. 

Carnforth with the Girls

In 09 Chris, Lorraine and I rented a log cabin, the first time was April to celebrate Chris's birthday
What are you two doing!
It wasn't that long really after surgery and I was worn out quite easy after we walked around the place.  I wasn't smoking anymore and Lorraine was on a diet of no fat foods or alcohol.

On a night we use to pull out the sofa and watch a scary movie, with lots of crisps, sweets and of course a bottle of wine!

Looking back I looked better even after surgery back then, a little thinner but overall quite healthy.  I wonder what I am doing wrong now?

45 and I was happy

I threw a 45th party to say thank you to everyone for the support they had given over the last 12 months from being diagnosed.
Mam and I
I can't believe I looked so well, finishing Chemo in the April. This was the start of my mam's downfall, having lost my Dad in May.  I had to go and change the dress as it snapped, thankfully I had something else to wear!
Chris, Lorraine and I
Natelie, Chris, me, Dani, Tasha & Les

Tasha & I, everyone always thinks she's my daughter
Unfortunately I couldn't keep my eyes open by 11, and it wasn't due to end till midnight.  I rested my head on my Aunt's lap and went to sleep!

I can't believe in 7 years and quite a few treatments later that I look so washed out, considering this was 11 months after major surgery, radiotherapy and chemo over the course of that time.  I suppose I should be thankful that my body use to heal quite fast back then.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Cher Bright

Back in December of 2009 Cher sent me a copy of her beautifully painted Snowdrops.  I have waited years to get a good photo and with the help of hubby and some fantastic equipment I have been able to reproduce this as a picture.  I had promised to copy it and send it to Chris Knighton to Auction for one of the Balls, who knows now if I can produce a decent A3 of it maybe it can finally be used to raise some funds.

Cher not only painted this but is herself a victim of mesothelioma, and I love the title she gave this
"Symbol of Hope for Mesothelioma Victims"
By Cher Bright December 2009
I know that it isn't an exact duplicate as the colours have faded slightly but Cher I hope you don't mind.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Learning to use a Camera

I just have to show this photo of Lexi, she was singing

Stay away from my presents!
Wish I could have taped the sound she made.

But in a different light
Is it Dinner Time?
Not bad for a new user to the proper camera's instead of my compact one.  Think I might just get into this photography after all!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas snaps

Trying to work out this IPad has been a nightmare, but on doing so I came across some photo's of previous Christmas Day's.
Considering this was Xmas 2008 and I didn't know whether I had a death sentence or not I do look rather well.  Lexi wanted to get stuck into opening her presents, Tyke already was.

Tyke taking a well earned break from opening her toys.
She was amazing at pulling open her presents and even getting into the stockings, she would pull and chew the plastic until she could get inside and eat whatever there was.  We thought Lexi would never learn how to do this but she did.  Tyke's last year for Christmas she flew down the stairs and ran into the living room grabbing hold of anything she could and started ripping the paper off!  We said no Tyke they aren't yours wait .. she was excited.

Can't believe we lost our Tyke, but as they say life goes on and in December 2009 we brought home a ball of fluff.

I doubt whether he would be able to get his back end into this corner anymore.  So small and cute.  The first few weeks were a nightmare as Lexi hated him on sight.  But with care and attention she soon learnt to love the big guy!  (After all he would grow to be much bigger than her - who wants enemies twice your size!)

 2010 Lexi showed him how to open his presents and left him to eat his own! 

This year was different again, Lexi had us up at 3.30 excited, why because Gary kept saying Santa's Coming, Santa's Coming Lexi.  She was worse than any child could possibly be.

I let her out at 4.30, then she paddled around up and down the stairs, Bear was getting excited but didn't know why so eventually sleep was something neither of us could have so we got up.  We finally figured out how Tyke (in previous years) and Lexi both knew it was presents day, because the smell of the turkey slowly cooking was the indicator to it being the DAY.

Bear couldn't be bothered to open his presents, I think Lexi was giving him the evil eye, so she could open them all.  I did get him to tear at a few of them but he lost interest.
We hid some in stockings by the side of the fire to keep them both guessing!

I hope your Christmas mornings have been as joyful as ours.